5 Ways You exercise for quickest weight loss

5 Ways You exercise for quickest weight loss

It’s estimated that half of all American adults attempt to lose weight every year (1Trusted Source). Weight loss is the most important topic in that time.

Aside from dieting, exercising is one of the most common strategies employed by those trying to shed extra pounds. It burns calories, and this plays a key role in weight loss.

In addition to helping you lose weight, exercise has been linked to many other benefits, including improved mood, stronger bones, and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases 



Here Are The 5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

★ Add on exercises that are high energy to the cardiovascular exercise routine. If a person maintains the same length, the intensity of exercise, chances are the person reaps minimal results. Intensify the exercise as days pass by. Shift to a higher level of workout. For example, if the cardiovascular routine involves walking, running, cycling, jogging, or aerobics increase the intensity for one minute or two, many times during the workout. This is a proven tip to accelerate the burning of fat and also speed up the metabolism.

★ Make changes in your routine several times a week. If the same routine is accommodated for a longer period of time, the body adjusts to it and it becomes a comfort zone. In time, the body will not be challenged and the weight loss results will not be as great as expected. Alternate varying workout regimen every other day to constantly put the body on a challenge.

★ Add resistance to your training workout by lifting weights. Muscles are helpful in losing fats by facilitating the burning of more fuel and accelerating metabolism. If weight training has already become a part of your exercise routine, ensure that there is sufficient weight to challenge the muscles.

Use weights with varying weights. Avoid putting too lightweight on the muscles, as they are not very effective. Weights must be heavy enough to make the muscles feel fatigued upon nearing the last repetition.

★ Circuit training is another way to affect a change in your workout routine. It involves moving from one exercise to the next in rapid succession. Circuit training can be done in no particular order and suitable both for cardiovascular and strength training. The popular method among dieters and fitness instructors is moving from one section of the body to the next in succession.

For example, circuit training can start with a series of squats and immediately moving to lunges. Upon the completion of the legwork, you can begin on the abdominal with crunches or other abdominal exercises. Do not deprive your arms with push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. For optimum results, fitness trainers normally recommend repetition.

★ When weight loss comes to a freeze, add an extra movement to the body for five minutes to refuel the process of fat burning. Adding five minutes to the cardio routine can reap faster weight loss results. Do this for a couple of weeks.


Many exercises can help you lose weight.

Some great choices for burning calories include walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, weight training, interval training, yoga, and Pilates.

That said, many other exercises can also help boost your weight loss efforts.

It’s most important to choose an exercise that you enjoy doing. This makes it more likely that you’ll stick to it long term and see results.

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