Hair Transplants and the way that you Feel


Hair Transplants And The Way That You Feel

Hair Transplants And The Way That You Feel

I am lucky enough to have a full head of thick glossy hair and I am grateful that I do not have a bald patch anywhere on my head. I recently bumped into an old friend who has recently had a hair transplant and is he was telling me all about it.

This friend of mine started to go bald at an early age and I remember how he used to try and hide the fact that he was losing his hair so young. 
The number of hats we went through and the different hairstyles in order to try and cover up the evidence were never enough. In the end, he accepted the fact and stopped trying to hide it.

We all got used to the way that he looked and he never mentioned how he felt about it, so we assumed that all was well. However, he has only just told me now how depressed he felt at the time and that having a hair transplant was something which he had been thinking about for years. He would have had it done earlier except for a couple of people he met who had had a bad experience with it and this put him off.

Then he did some research into the subject and realized that the thing which was important, was to find a surgeon who was skilled, trained and experienced in the procedure. You need to check the doctor’s past work and speak to satisfied customers.
Ask for references and always check them out. There are many doctors out there who are not properly trained to do the procedure and try to dabble in it, not realizing that it is not as easy as it looks and that there is a lot that needs to be taken into account.

The method which you opt for will also make a difference to the final result since the old strip harvesting method of performing a hair transplant leaves a larger, more visible scar and has a longer recovery time than the new method of harvesting the follicles only. The main problem is when the hair does not grow or grows in patches. If it is done properly, the results should leave you with a natural-looking hairline, and no scars or other permanent problems.

Losing your hair can be a very traumatic experience, especially if you are still young and the hair loss is on a large scale. You tend to see yourself as looking less attractive and this can dent your self-confidence.
The olden way of covering up with hats and hairpieces is not suitable for those with an active lifestyle and so the best solution for these people is to opt for a hair transplant. The results will depend on a number of factors and cannot be predicted, but the first step is to find the best surgeon that you can afford and try to be healthy, generally.

No doubt hair loss is a long-lasting problem and it needs to be treated on time. Males suffer more from this problem in almost every part of the world. There are various products in the market for hair loss cure but 99% of them are not effective. The most reliable and trusted treatment for hair fall is hair transplantation surgery.
More specifically FUE hair transplant is in demand and it is one of the most common hair transplantation procedures that is performed on a daily basis by the hair specialist surgeons.
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