3 Things Recommended And Forbidden When Shampooing


Shampooing is one of activity of hair care routine. However, wrong shampooing methods actually will make damaged your hair. Here’s to do list and negative list while shampooing.

Three Recommendations

When shampooing, choose the appropriate shampoo as hair needed. For example, for oily hair, dry or falling hair. So that the shampoo was not only serves for clean the scalp, but also nourish the hair.

Comb your hair before you wet it. This will reduce frizz after shampooing, and prevent it from shedding when combing.

When shampooing, start rubbing your scalp from the forehead to the rear. Massage softly on the head will make blood circulation more smoothly. The hair was getting healthy and fertile.

Three Prohibited

★ Do not rub your hair too hard when shampooing. It can cause scalp sores and infections. Rubbing the scalp too strong will make the hair loss and fractures.

★ Do not directly put the shampoo in your hair and then rub it. This will make the shampoo is uneven. Unequal shampoo also difficult to clean, so it will settle into the dirt on the scalp. Better to put the shampoo in your hands before you rub it into hair.

★ Do not wash the hair with hot water. When water too hot, it will damage the outer layer of hair. Hair will become dry and dull

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