30 Day Fitness Challenge: Fruits & Veggies

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Fruits & Veggies

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Fruits & Veggies

Hi my name is Jessa Mackowski. I’m a sports dietician and performance specialist here at Hospital for Special Surgery. today we’re talking about the Hospital for Special Surgery. Tisch Performance Center fitness challenge today’s topic is about fruits and vegetables we all know it’s good for us but we don’t always get in as much as we should it’s really about preparing.

Them in easy or tasty ways to really make a difference so we can actually enjoy the food so here are some tips for different parts of the day breakfast lunch and dinner. Actually get more fruits and vegetables into your diet easily and in a tasty way so for breakfast.Greens aren’t always the first thing you think of so rather than thinking about eating greens consider drinking them the smoothie is actually a great way to get greens in especially in the morning you can take some fresh fruit some milk or yogurt ice and then a handful of mild.

Greens like spinach parsley or cilantro blend it up with some ice and it really becomes a nice refreshing smoothie that gets you the nutrients in the greens without you really having to taste them also if you have a favorite. French toast or pancake recipe you can just add in some berries some sliced banana or even some cinnamon. Sliced apples on top to give you that extra nutrient bang for the typical foods that you’re eating anyways for lunch time consider your side so very often you might have your standard food, and then what you have on the side with it are you having chips. and french fries or pretzels or are you having baby.

Carrots side salad steamed vegetables or a piece of fruit so adding for two salad is a great way to get some extra nutrients in and also to sweeten and liven it up sometimes. You may not need to use as much dressing if you add in some apples pears oranges for dinner consider using extra vegetables as garnishes so you could actually throw. just a handful of spinach on top of any finished meal you have and the heat of that meal will actually wilt it and actually make it easy to eat you can try to make vegetables.

The focus rather than the side dish so doing stuffed peppers stuffed mushrooms or even making a super stew to really integrate a lot of those vegetables. and naturally into what you’re eating or you can also just integrate vegetables into your standard. recipe so let’s see like mashed potatoes add in some carrots peas mushrooms even some greens into it naturally so you’re just kind of integrating it but you’re not having to focus on eating it another thing you can do with it as well is you can actually just substitute vegetables .entirely so instead of mashed potatoes you can actually do mash cauliflower which will get you a lot of nutrients for less calories and it’s also just as satisfying these are a few different ways you can add fruits and vegetables to your daily routine in quick simple easy ways try one out today and see what works for you.

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