5 Effective Yoga To Lose Weight Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners.

5 Effective Yoga To Lose Weight Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners.

5 Effective Yoga To Lose Weight Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners

Hi I’m Jen and today I’m tell you some introductory yoga poses so these poses are great for beginners.Just getting started and these are some of the poses that I use in my full body total body workout so once you get familiar with these poses. Then you can move on and practice the total body yoga workout so we’ll just start breaking down some of these poses and you can go ahead and follow along with me here so we’re going to start.

Forward Fold

Standing on the top of your mat standing at the front of your mat bring your feet. start by sweeping your arms up press your palms together overhead reach up out of your waist then you’ll fold your body forward keep your belly lifted as. you’re full keep your spine nice and long to come all the way down

over your legs you can bend your knees as much as you need to to really let your upper body completely relax and sometimes in this first forward. fold I like to shake my head a little yes shake my head a little no just kind of help to release any tension along the back of your neck. Your next step is to lengthen your spine forward so you want to try and get a flat back it might be helpful to bring your hands onto your shins or maybe even all the way up onto your thighs but your most important objective is to broaden. Your chest reach your heart forward squeeze your shoulder blades together on your back so you get a nice flat long spine and you’ll fold back down to the floor.

Plank Pose

Back to a plank pose which is basically like the top of a push-up so here you want to check that your two index fingers. are parallel with each other then spread your fingers nice and wide so your hands.
Give you a broad base then don’t sag your belly here lift your abdominals up so your abdominals.

Should be engaged like getting a little burning then from here keep your body in one solid piece and slowly lower your body all the way down to the floor then you’ll untuck your toes. underneath you here with your hands planted underneath your shoulders. lift your shoulder bones away from the floor to squeeze your shoulders onto your back then reach your heart.forward keep stretching your elbows down towards your hips so your shoulders aren’t up by your ears you want to draw your shoulders away from your ears so your neck is nice and long then you can even use some traction pull your hands down towards your hips so you can reach your heart.

Cobra Pose

Forward even more this is called your cobra pose from here tuck your toes back underneath. you can press up through your hands and knees then lift your hips up behind you to come into what we call downward facing dog so your objective here is to lift your hips really really high sometimes people are very far forward. so you want to melt your heart between your arms so you open up through your shoulders – so this is a hamstring stretch and a shoulder stretch at the same time.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog so you’ll spend a little time here just practicing. getting strong and breathing nice and deep then the next pose will be a lunge. so use your right foot to step forward between your hands and if your foot comes way back here just help it out so it comes forward on your mat between your hands. so that your knee can stack over your ankle this is really important for your alignment.

once you’re in your lunge draw your legs close to each other so you suction your thighs towards each other instead of melting your hips down get that strength in your lower. legs from here you can lift your arms lift your body.

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