7 Treacherous Enemies Of Beauty Who Steal Your Youth

Is it possible to suspend the dynamics of aging or is it impossible in principle? To answer this question, it is necessary, first of all, to figure out what is the main enemy of youth and beauty. What factors “trigger” irreversible processes in our body, which over time do not reflect in the best way on our appearance?  

Factors Leading to Aging Inflammatory processes  Any process of inflammation involves a condition in which protective mechanisms are activated – immune defense. In other words, with any threat to health, the immune system reacts with certain changes at the cellular level. Here is a striking example. How does the body react if a person falls and hits? Pain, redness, bruising, and swelling may occur.

It is possible that an increase in body temperature at the site of damage. This is a sharp change, a quick reaction of the immune system. The same goes for aging. One way or another, we endanger the body and it reacts.

But all these processes last for years. For a long time, we destroy our bodies from the inside, which is reflected in their appearance. A similar condition – when we harm cells daily – there is chronic inflammation.

Oxidative stress   In other words, oxidative processes in cells. This phenomenon leads to the formation of free radicals that cause aging. Figuratively speaking, the effect of oxidative stress is comparable to rust on metal. A similar condition is in cells.

They are oxidized and insufficiently cope with the functions, eventually dying. Plus, with oxidative stress, the already mentioned free radicals (cells that experience electron deficiency) form. To make it clear: a free radical is a particle that moves randomly, “trying” to find the missing electron. In the course of this movement, free radicals act destructively on everything that stands in their way.

Antioxidants can neutralize them (there should be more than free radicals). The fact is that, by giving away an electron, the antioxidant itself turns into a free radical, but with less destructive energy. Therefore, to neutralize it, one more antioxidant is needed, which, in turn, after giving up an electron, turns into a free radical. With each subsequent exchange of electrons, the free radical weakens and causes less and less damage to beauty and youth.    

What contributes to our aging and what makes sense to avoid

Namely: what leads to inflammatory processes and the formation of free radicals?  


enemies of beauty who steal your youth

Sweet provokes a large list of inflammatory processes in our body, increases blood pressure and helps to increase the indicator of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. It is not enough to categorically refuse sugar obtained industrially and switch to Jerusalem artichoke syrup, dried fruits, and fruits directly.

One way or another, aging will be approaching. Of course, you do not need to completely exclude products such as dried fruits, honey from your menu. After all, they contain vitamins, minerals. Just do not forget that a high percentage of sugar in the diet provokes hormonal disorders and early aging. Also, the cellular receptors responsible for the absorption of vitamin C block the sweet.

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and plays an important role in the formation of collagen. If you exclude sweets from your menu, after about a month the result will be, as they say, obvious. We recommend you to follow 14 Steps To Break Sugar Addiction.  


In the state of any stress, the body synthesizes more cortisol (stress hormone). Cortisol leads to oxidative stress and provokes cellular inflammatory processes. In the production of cortisol, the  adrenal glands actively “spend” vitamin C, which, as already mentioned, fights against free radicals.  

Refined or Spoiled Fats  

Fats are healthy. Are you surprised? It’s about fresh cold-pressed vegetable fats. And no other way. Here it is necessary to clarify. Cold-pressed oils deteriorate faster. And spoiled oil (it has a rancid smell) turns into continuous free radicals (trans fats) and “starts” the aging process.

The use of such products is no longer necessary. Refined and expired oils should not be used. Oil should always be stored in a dark place in a dark glass.  

Refined food and convenience foods 

This product category includes white rice, pasta, white bread, and white flour products. They contribute to the rise in blood sugar, as well as sugar itself. Also, when blood sugar “makes a jump”, insulin rises, and this provokes a “rise” in the cortisol index, which acts as an antagonist for insulin. 

Semi-finished and processed foods contain a high concentration of sugar, low-quality fats and a wide range of food additives (flavorings, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, food colors). This ace, of course, strikes the liver and provokes inflammation. And how inflammation affects beauty and youth, you already know.  


A little about the biochemistry of wine: in addition to valuable antioxidants, the wine has the same alcohol and sugar. About sugar is already clear. And alcohol is not only a stress factor for the body but also harmful to the liver. It turns out that, instead of removing toxins from the body, the poor liver is engaged in the neutralization of wine.   

Hormone medications 

Hormones as such have already been mentioned above. Hormonal drugs have several side effects. Also, everything that enters the body, including “pill” hormones, must be excreted. This function has the liver. But after all, beauty and youth directly depend on her health.

Nothing is said here about physical exertion (or lack thereof), the deplorable state of the environment, “chemistry” in cosmetic products that upset the hormonal balance, about failures in the gastrointestinal tract, lack of sleep, tobacco smoking, and other harmful to health, imperceptible and insidious factors. Therefore, how to “build” the body’s defense and protect it from negative influences in your business.  

Gluten intolerance 

Gluten can adversely affect health and can be a factor in brain diseases, depression, gastrointestinal dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, an almost complete list of autoimmune ailments, mental disorders, allergies, and hormonal imbalances. In particular, gluten “hits” the level of estrogen. A sufficient indicator of estrogen is smooth and moisturized skin. When estrogen deficiency observed, skin elasticity weakens and wrinkles occur.  

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