8 Things You Should Know Before You Color Hair


Many people do not want to color their hair because that will damage the hair or fear of the result will fail and how does this hair color look on me.

In fact, if done well and correctly, hair coloring adverse effects can be avoided. What should be considered?

8 Important Tips Before You Colour Your Hair

Buy/choose a lighter color

Coloring results are usually not in accordance with the picture on the packaging. The color in our hair will usually darker, especially for people who have jet black hair. To fix this, buy hair dye that two levels lighter than you want.


Do not expect a drastic change in hair color, for example, from black to dying hair bright red will instantly make you look more attractive. Precisely the color changes that were not too noticeable (from black to dark brown) will be more able to give a better impression.

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Always buy more

If your hair is thick and the length exceeds the chest, then usually you will need a minimum of 3 hair dye boxes. It is better to keep watch to buy some more hair color boxes than you are deficient in when the process of coloring.

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Choose the right formula

Women with thick hair and tend to curl should use hair dye gel or liquid form which can be more easily distributed across the surface of the hair. If your skin is sensitive, choose hair paint foam shaped that will not drip into your face.

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Stay away from the swimming pool

Sometimes in the pool water contained chlorine will damage the hair cuticle and makes hair changes color. So, 2 weeks before and after painting the hair, stop the swimming activity.

“Dirty hair” better

Oil on the scalp to function as protection from irritation. So, you should not wash your hair before painting. Drenched hair will also facilitate the process of painting to be more evenly distributed and cover all parts of the hair.

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Change your shampoo

Several types of shampoo, one of them is anti-dandruff shampoo, containing chemicals that can fade the color of hair dye. Use a special shampoo for colored hair for a more durable color.

Prepare the hair care products

Hair dye ingredient containing called hydrogen peroxide that can damage the hair. After your hair colored, treat it with hair care product made ​​from natural ingredient  who can restore moisture and prevent damage to the hair.

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