Best Weight Loss Diets 2020


Best weight loss diets are most popular with people who are aiming to lose as little as possible over those few extra pounds as soon as possible.

Be it 2.5 or 10 pounds that are not “at will” to us, it is important to know that diets that last for a short time require a strong willpower, discipline, but also steel nerves that we will be able to overcome in this short period of considerable “renunciation”.

Also important is the fact that you can’t lose extra pounds overnight, and that the healthiest way to get in shape requires going through several stages of adjustment; lifestyle changes, diet, and above all the start of exercise. Read about the best weight loss activities.

One of the major problems with these diets is the well-known “jojo effect”, which points to the fact that the unwanted pounds we have so painfully lost are coming back very quickly, as most participants in such diets feel that it is not necessary to change their overall diet after they have achieved the desired result. and they go back to the old diet.

Therefore, before deciding on a diet like this, for the reason that you are wearing a new dress, jeans or simply glittering on your graduation anniversary, think carefully about whether they are unique to you and how much you are ready to change your lifestyle after pursuing diets like this.

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After all, health is what matters most and what we need to safeguard throughout our lives. If that is not a good enough reason for you, find something that will motivate you and give you enough desire, willpower and strength to get rid of your extra pounds.

Best weight loss diets products

Some of the most famous diets






Duration: 4 weeks

Expected weight loss: 4-7 kg

This diet is very favorable for our body because the changes in diet do not eliminate fat and carbohydrates, but you replace the bad ones with good ones. Dr. Arthur Agatston designed this diet and the main idea behind this diet is MODERATION.

What is recommended when carrying out this diet is the increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found mostly in flax seeds, salmon, sole, tuna, sardines, etc. and are very important because they protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce the proportion of ” bad cholesterol ”in the blood and reduce the chance of getting some cancers. It is important for this diet to eliminate sugar from the diet, it can be replaced with honey or sweeteners.

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It has three phases

In the first phase, which lasts for two weeks, there is a sudden loss of weight, and it is recommended to eat lean chicken or turkey meat, nuts (almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, etc.), vegetables, fish and egg whites. For fat, we recommend to use only olive oil.

In the second phase, the attention is on the gradual introduction of fruits and cereals into the diet. It also lasts for two weeks. There is still an increase in weight loss, however we must not stop enriching our diet with protein foods with barley, oats, rice, buckwheat (whole grains, similar to rhubarb, suitable for diabetics) and other cereals, as well as fruits.

The third phase, of course, is about maintaining your body weight. This is often the hardest part of this diet as we would love to finally reach for some of your favorite foods. But keep in mind that the results done so far are because you were following the diet. So don’t reach out to the foods that cause belly fat.

With proper adherence to these guidelines, this diet could have a major impact on your weight loss.


Duration: 3 – 7 days

Expected weight loss: 4-7 kg

It is known as a diet that serves as a sort of detoxification of the body and cleansing of unnecessary substances in our body. The secret lies in the rapid burning of fat and the constant introduction of cabbage into our body. It can be carried out over several weeks, but there must be a gap of 2 days between 7 days. What is a major problem with this diet is that it can cause dizziness, weakness in the body and a decrease in blood pressure as a side effect.

It is recommended that you take vitamin supplements (multivitamins, effervescent, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) while exercising your diet. Different types of soups can be eaten, and it is also important to know that in two days of pausing between diets it is good to consume protein in moderation.


Duration: In a few weeks

Expected weight loss: 1 kg per week, more if needed

The diet was designed by renowned nutritionist Tammi Flynn. The main idea behind this diet is to eat an apple before every meal. The fiber in the apples gives us a feeling of satiety, and for this reason the amount of food we eat becomes smaller during the main meal. It requires the elimination of sugar and reduced intake of carbohydrates and fats.

Apples are rich in cholesterol-lowering pectin, low in calories, and help maintain blood sugar. 4-5 small meals should be eaten during this diet and it is also advisable to consume other fruits and vegetables as a substitute for the apple itself.


Duration: 5 or 15 days

Expected weight loss: 2-5 kg in five days or 10-15 kg in fifteen days

It is named after it is recommended for heart patients who need rapid weight loss before surgery. There are no specific side effects, and after every 15 days, you need to take another 15 breaks.

The intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates is recommended, and the main advantage is the variety of diets. However, all food should be cooked or roasted in olive oil, it is best to drink plain water, but coffee or tea are allowed.

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