What are the Guidelines the dental clinics should follow?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the closing of all the dental clinics to avoid the virus outbreak. There is a fear of spreading the virus in a dental clinic as the dentist has to see inside the mouth and create vaporized aerosols for the checkup. The infectious droplets can easily spread through the process of checking dental procedures.

Thus, all dentists have stopped seeing dental patients due to the pandemic concern in regards to the Govt. announcement

After almost 3.5 months, dental clinics are reopening worldwide following some specific guidelines.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), in 50 states, dental clinics have opened their services.

What’s new in visiting a dental clinic now?

Dental treatment is very important for patients. Keeping dental health in mind, Govt. has given the instructions to the dental clinics to start the services. But, that doesn’t mean the fear of spreading viruses has gone.

 Now, visiting the dentist will be different than it was earlier.

There are certain guidelines to follow to prevent the sickness unknowingly from the affected person to other patients.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the ADA have released some guidelines that the dentist and the visitor should follow to avoid the COVID 9 outbreak.

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What are the Guidelines for dental clinics?

The guidelines stress maintaining a social distance between dental clinic staff and patients.

The dental clinics need to monitor the visitors and their staff for COVID-19 symptoms regularly. All dental clinics and hospitals are following the recommendations made by the CDC and the ADA.

Here you go:

Fewer appointments to maintain social distance

According to the guidelines, dentists should consider fewer appointments to maintain social distancing. Dental clinics are trying to provide clinical care to one patient at a time.

If possible, the dental clinics should arrange separate rooms for patients who are receiving dental care from dental service providers. The clinics should keep separate rooms for consultation, tests, and finally the treatment by the dentist.

No common space for patients

To reduce the spread of the virus, dental clinics should eliminate common spaces or lounges that were previously used for waiting areas. Any props like magazines, toys for children, and TV remote should be removed from the common area. If any patient arrives earlier to the clinic, then he or she should be asked to wait outside, maybe in the car, or in an outdoor space where the crowd is less or no crowd.

Sanitize the whole area and system

The dental clinics should maintain the sanitizing process very sincerely. After checking one patient, the whole area and system should be sanitized properly.

Keep changing the equipment to virus spread through aerosols

To avoid COVID-19 spread through the aerosols during the dental checkup, the dental clinics should change the equipment like air and water syringes after one use. The aerosols are unavoidable in a dental checkup. Thus, it’s recommended to change the process and all equipment should be discarded to avoid outbreaks.

Using  PPE and other safety tools

The dentist needs to get closer to the patients to check in to the patient’s mouth and progress the cleaning process. So, it is recommended to wear a mask, hair mask, face shield along with PPE and hand gloves to get affected by the virus. The dentist should change the PPE after checking one patient. Patients can also wear PPE to avoid the fear of the virus spreading.

Update the dental operation room and the HVAC system

Dental clinics have to be updated to avoid airborne particles during dental care. According to the guidelines, the dental operation room and the HVAC system should be updated with new filters. They should be properly maintained to avoid any kind of airborne virus. The dental clinics should install ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to improve the ventilation system.

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Keep your dentistry tools clean and safe

Dentists should be very careful about the sanitation of the tools and the other important tools that are used for dental care. Try to sanitize every tool before the patent arrives for the checkup.

Implement a screening procedure

At every dental clinic, there should be a screening system to make every appointment safe. Before the patient enters the clinics, thermal temperature screening should be done to ensure that no corona patient is there.

Precautions to consider while you are visiting a dental clinic

It is true that visiting dental clinics can increase the chance of getting affected by the COVID-19 virus. Thus, you should take care of your dental health properly so that you can avoid visiting a dental clinic right now. However, if you are suffering from severe toothache and a dental cleanup is very necessary to maintain your gum health, then you can visit the dental clinic now. But, before visiting a dental clinic, you must consider some precautions:

Here you go:

●       Book an appointment over the phone

●   Ask the clinics whether or not they are following the CDC, World Health Organization, and your local public health department guidelines.

●       Wear a face mask, face shield, gloves, and PPE (if you have one).

●       Bring your own hand sanitizer.

●       Don’t wear rings, belts, or other unnecessary jewelry.

●       Don’t visit the dental clinic, if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

●       Consider thermal screening before entering the clinic.

Lastly, many patients are feeling anxious about having dental checkups. So, you are not alone in worrying about the virus spreading before considering the dental checkup.

You can talk to your dentist over the phone to get a clear view of the safety measures they are following. Also, if you don’t want to visit the dental clinic, you can set up an online checkup (if any).Remember, it is important to take care of your mouth health. But, if there is any dental emergency, you may have to visit the pediatricians in Kolkata clinics. Ignoring dental emergencies can cause serious damage and lifelong hazards. So, keep faith in the medical system and consider safety measures to get a safe dental health checkup.

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