Chill Out this Holiday Season with the 15 Best Mindfulness Gifts

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy: A Journal

Visual learners will find ample opportunity for focus, gratitude, and delight inside and outside of themselves with this journal. Prompts, exercises, and insight from writers, philosophers, musicians, and leaders provide a chance for quiet reflection.

We give this journal bonus points for being so well thought out, complete with spaces for date entries. As a bonus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: It’s intended for a few minutes of daily mindfulness, so people can measure their growth throughout the entire year.

Bathorium Bath Lovers Bath Bomb Bundle

There are regular bath bombs, and then there are Bathorium bath bombs. A fragrant, comforting soak is a wonderful way to encourage loved ones to ease into relaxation, and this set makes it easy — and completely indulgent.

This set comes with 5 fizzy, slow-releasing bath bombs in bewitching scents (think eucalyptus, rose, and patchouli) that are free of artificial fragrance and phthalates. Bathorium uses organic, ethically sourced ingredients and recycled materials, making this gift as eco-friendly as it is thoughtful.

Mindfulness Card Set

Sometimes, we need a little help practicing mindfulness. This meditative gift card set from Uncommon Goods has more than 50 prompts and exercises divided into 4 sections:

  • Rest and balance
  • Curiosity and joy
  • Insight and awareness
  • Kindness

Pick a card, any card, for gentle guidance into breathwork and the art of staying present. It’s a simple, thoughtful gift that will be appreciated again and again.

Mindfulness Card Set for Kids

This set is for the little ones, and it’s specifically designed for smoother, easier bedtimes. The bedtime collection features 40 beautifully watercolored illustrations with kid-friendly guided meditations and prompts to help calm active bodies and busy minds. By focusing their energy, the cards (and the included detailed instructions for parents or caretakers) can help guide your child to a restful place — and with a little luck, off to sleep in no time flat.

Mindfulness Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are a comforting, familiar way to focus the mind and relax the body. This mindfulness coloring book is filled with dreamy, creative illustrations and patterns (along with gentle reminders to breathe). Illustrations are printed on single-sided sheets, so bleeding ink won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers and take them out of the moment.

Saje Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that frequently uses fragrant plant extracts (lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree, for example) to improve the health of the mind, body, and spirit. This grounding treatment can be used to unwind or ease stress.

The mindful edition of the Pocket Farmacy from Saje means your gift recipient has essential oil roll-ons to promote awareness, stillness, focus, and energy, no matter where they go. The 5 blends can be used in myriad ways — they can rub it into their palms and cup their hands over the nose and mouth, breathing deeply. For on the go relaxation, giftees can apply oils to pulse points for a quick moment of (fragrant) Zen.

Happyhaves Full Moon Diffuser

This beautiful, cordless diffuser is a perfect mini replica of the moon. Made of textured, BPA-free plastic and recycled wood, the artisan design doubles as a diffuser and a lamp. Your gift recipient can enjoy the fragrance of their favorite essential oil and choose from 3 options that mimic the moon’s natural light.

A dimming feature makes it perfect for enjoying late at night, and the diffuser manages to capture the same soothing wonder that comes from gazing at the moon.

Avocado Green Meditation Pillow

With its ideal shape and height, this organic meditation pillow from Avocado will elevate your gift recipient’s meditation practice (in more ways than one). The buckwheat fill offers firm yet comfortable support that yields to curves and properly supports the spine, allowing them to channel their thoughts, focus their mind, and breathe. Plus, the sturdy handle is a smart design feature that makes this pillow super easy to tote around.

I’m Outside Forest Bathing Spray

I’m Outside captured forest air and bottled it. Giftees can spritz this super refreshing scent and take a few deep breaths as an immediate shortcut to feeling calmer and more balanced, even when stuck inside. The self-care mist (don’t mistake it for a perfume or a home fragrance) blends tree oil phytoncides from cypress, spruce, Japanese mint, and pine with vitamin D3 and microalgae for a little dose of positive energy — you can’t help but lose yourself in the moment in the very best way.

Komusō Shift

The Shift is an organic breathing tool that doubles as a stylish necklace, inspired by Japanese monks. Shaped like a whistle, it’s a simple, quiet way to slow the exhale and promote the feeling of calm. Deep, diaphragm breathing promotes mindfulness and relaxation, acting as the body’s natural tranquilizer.

With a choice of 4 colors and an upgraded chain option, this is a beautiful, thoughtful way to give someone the gift of daily mindfulness.

Slow North Eye Mask + Neck Wrap Bundle

With its subdued solstice pattern, this eye mask and neck wrap set are designed for ultimate relaxation. You can drape the wrap around the neck and slip the mask over the eyes for a few minutes of soothing, mindful relief. Handmade with 100% cotton and linen and filled with unscented lentils, both the neck wrap and the eye mask can be applied warm or cold — their choice — and makes for a wonderful, functional gift.

Olander Earthworks WonderScape

The WonderScape is a piece of heirloom art and a sensory stress-relief tool in one. Handmade in a Portland studio from start to finish, the understated set comes with a 9-inch handmade wooden tray, two patterned cement spheres, and fine sand. Roll and press the spheres in the sand to promote focus, peace, and playfulness. It’s a functional piece of art and a truly thoughtful gift.

Mindfulness Dice

This is the mindfulness gift for the person in your life who believes everything happens for a reason. The set of wellness dice includes 6 color-coded blocks with 36 practices, which means there are thousands of possible combinations for calming meditations, mantras, movements, breathwork, journaling, and self-care.

What wisdom does the universe hold? Roll and see.

Zen Wishing Stone

Painting with water on stone is a quiet meditation that’s been practiced for thousands of years by Zen Buddhist monks, and this set makes the practice accessible to just about anyone. This simple slate tablet and brush delivers a lesson in impermanence (a Buddhist belief of the ongoing process of living and dying at the same time). As the water evaporates, designs and words disappear. Your gift recipient can use it, again and again, to get thoughts, struggles, and affirmations out of their head and into the world, to practice calligraphy, or just to doodle.


This impressive little app is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, help people fall asleep faster, boost energy, and improve endurance, all through the power of breath work. While the app is free to everyone, the pro subscription unlocks over 100 additional exercises, progress tracking, a customizable homepage, and other perks.

Over 800,000 users have already found out what a difference a few minutes of intentional, guided breathing can make in their day. Right now, Breathwrk is offering a “get breath, give breath” annual subscription deal to benefit you and the friend or family member of your choice. It’s a good way to spread a little mindfulness around.

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