Coloured Contact Lenses & The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Coloured Contact Lenses & The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answer

Coloured Contact Lenses Ever tried using colored lenses to enhance your facial beauty? No! Well this the perfect opportunity for you to get trying these wonderful fashion devices. Colored lenses are so popular nowadays as all the fashion crazy people out there are going wild to get their hands on these products.

No fashion accessory or cosmetic product can provide you with the perfect spark that the special colored contact lenses provide. And guess what? There are these crazy Halloween contacts that are exclusively used for Halloween and many other types of colored lenses that you would love to enjoy.

But you would at least like to know what are coloured contact lenses, right? I mean you just cannot use special effect coloured lenses without learning about them. There is quite a bit of information out there about coloured lenses and it is essential that you know about it so you can use them with full effect. So, let us answer some very frequently asked questions about coloured contact lenses.

Why Use Coloured Contact Lenses At All?

Well why wouldn’t you? After all they are the best fashion device ever, you can enhance and become perfectly beautiful and still look natural. They are available at affordable prices with many different colours shades and types. Coloured lenses have coloured tints that mimic the iris and blend in with the natural eye colour. This enhances the eye colour and still looks completely natural. 

What are the main types of contact lenses?

 Daily disposable

The daily disposable coloured contact lenses are those that can be used only once, meaning you can only use them for one day. After that they are not to be used at all. They are only good for one time use only and you would certainly need to buy a new pair of daily disposable if you want to use them again.

 Weekly Disposable

As their name suggests, these can be used for a whole week or two, depending on the brand and its instructions. They usually have a life of a whole week or a fortnight and that is all. That means once you have used them, they need to be cleaned by the disinfectant solution.

 Thirty-day Continuous Wear

The extended coloured contact lenses can be used for more than 30 days and you can wear them continuously for that time. You can wear them for weeks without taking them off. They are different to the other types of disposable lenses but still you need to clean them properly with the ds.

 Custom Coloured Contact Lenses

Custom made coloured contact lenses for athletes and sportsmen. 

Are coloured lenses safe to use?

If you are following the rules and guidelines then you shouldn’t have any problems with regards to the safety issue. To be perfectly clear, coloured contact lenses are just like any other contact lenses they just have a coloured tint on them making them perfectly okay for anyone who wishes to use them for any purpose. The difference is that the coloured tint provides more depth and definition to the eye colour, making it more beautiful. 

All there is to it for coloured contact lenses and so you do not need to worry about it more. Of course, you are still required to stay within the guidelines of how to use the coloured lenses safely. That is the case for all the coloured and normal contact lenses. For example, you have to maintain the coloured contact lenses by cleaning them and storing them safely. They are yours and yours alone. Also, you should only clean them with the disinfectant solution that came with them and you must not use water or any homemade solution to clean the lenses. 

Are contacts hard to take care of?

Care and maintenance of lenses depend and vary with they types of contact lenses.

GP Contacts – They may have a longer lifespan, but you are still required to clean them daily and after every use to ensure they are perfect for use..

Daily disposable soft lenses – As mentioned earlier, they only last till first time use. That means they require no cleaning whatsoever. You buy a new pair after every use.

Other disposable soft lenses – You need to clean them after every use till their expiry.

Cleaning of the contact lenses include you cleaning them with the disinfectant solution and then store them safely.

Can I sleep while wearing my contact lenses?

Only if you are wearing the extended coloured lenses. Other than that, you cannot. It will certainly harm your eyes so you should take them off before going to sleep.

Just make sure you are following all the rules and guidelines as mentioned. If your lenses are expired then get rid of them and get a new pair if you want to keep using them. 

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