Common Eye Diseases that Can Affect Children and Adults

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Eye problems can be complicated because they bring about serious effects that can ruin our daily lives. Not only can they compromise your vision and ability to see, but they can also cause pain and irritability as well.

Different eye problems cause varying problems that can range from loss of central or peripheral vision, bleeding, swelling or bulging eyes, droopy eyelids, retinal and corneal problems and even total blindness.

Although all types of diseases have some or another form of precautionary and preventive measure; however, when it comes to eye diseases, the first step is to get it diagnosed. For that, one needs a good ophthalmologist that can be found by just looking up, ‘eye clinics near me’.

If you’re feeling any symptoms that are keeping you from carrying out your daily routines effectively, you probably might have one of the following problems:

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Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Although it’s a very rare disease, it’s a serious one that can cause permanent vision loss. Caused by a tiny amoeba that infects the cornea of the eye, the coloured dome starts to cloud up, eventually causing total blindness.

If you’re feeling any of the following symptoms, immediately get yourself checked:

  • Eye redness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensation of something in the eye

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors are relatively common and are not that serious as compared to AK. Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism are common refractive errors that affect people of various ages. These errors have to do with the length, curvature and surface of the lens, retina and the eyeballs. Different combinations of these can cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, weakening of the lens or the eyeball or loss of central or peripheral vision.

Common symptoms of refractive errors involve eye pain and strain along with headaches. You’ll have a sensation of pain at the back of your head which will point to the eyes being the cause. It’s imperative that you consult a pediatric ophthalmologist in Dubai if it happens to children. The treatment will involve using glasses or contact lenses for specific periods of time. You might even have to go for surgery in order to get permanent solutions in this regard.


When the optic nerve is damaged, there’s a probability that it was caused by an intense amount of pressure in the eye. This intense pressure and the resulting damage to the optic nerve is caused by a group of conditions we call Glaucoma. There are many types of Glaucoma such as:

  • Open Angle Glaucoma (90% of all Glaucoma patients have this type)
  • Angle-Closure Glaucoma
  • Normal-Tension Glaucoma
  • Congenital Glaucoma
  • Secondary Glaucoma
  • Pigmentary Glaucoma
  • Pseudoexfoliative Glaucoma
  • Traumatic Glaucoma
  • Neovascular Glaucoma
  • IridoCorneal Endothelial Syndrome (a.k.a. ICE)
  • Uveitic Glaucoma

Of all these types, congenital, primary, open-angle, low-tension or normal-tension, secondary or childhood Glaucoma can affect children as well.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

The condition of the eye that results in one eye being less developed than the other is known as amblyopia. This compromises the visual processing of the brain. Moreover, intense reliance and pressure on the only working eye results in a quicker weakening of its lens and consequently, lead to more vision problems.

Amblyopia is another disease that affects children since birth and without proper treatment, serious damage can be incurred. Whereas, on the other hand, quick and immediate treatment results in the condition becoming better through the use of glasses, patches, eye drops or even surgery.


Epiphora or childhood tearing is the condition that causes the eyes to keep tearing up. Not only does it become irritating for the patient but it can also lead to more severe vision problems later on. The condition can be identified soon after birth in the period of infancy. Experts say that this is because of the blockage of the tear drainage system in the body.

Treatments can range from eye drops and massages to surgery in order to ensure the condition doesn’t end up persisting for long. A reputed pediatric ophthalmologist in Dubai can help you figure out the best course of action in this regard.

Strabismus and Double Vision

Strabismus is the condition that causes the person to have misaligned eyes. That means, both the eyes are looking in different directions. Although most of the time, people with this condition don’t see double. However, with Double Vision, the patient can end up seeing the same object in two different places.

There are many treatments available for strabismus and double vision problems such as prism glasses, strabismus surgery or even Botox injections.Although there are numerous other conditions, problems and diseases of the eye that range from mild to critical in nature, they all require immediate inspection and diagnosis. Therefore, it’s imperative that you consult an ophthalmologist near you and visit them regularly. That’s because most people tend to delay their checkups until the condition becomes way worse. So, it’s best to have the expert be aware of your situation at all times.

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