Contact Lenses | Toric Lenses | Discount Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses | Toric Lenses | Discount Contact Lenses 

Contact lenses

Contact lenses have been used successfully for many years to correct simple vision disturbances like short sightedness, but until recently their use was limited by technology, and a lot of people couldn’t use them. Now two new types, toric contact lenses and bifocal contact lenses, mean that just about anyone can use contact lenses,
and improved production methods mean that discount contact lenses are much more available than in the past.

Toric lenses

Many short sighted people also have astigmatism, which just means that the eye isn’t perfectly round. Toric lenses correct this problem just as well as wearing glasses does, and come as disposabls, extended wear and even colored contact lenses. Some people prefer rigid lenses, which once were the only option for those requiring toric contact lenses, and these too have been improved and are more oxygen permeable than in the past.

Other people, especially those over the age of forty or so, need correction of both short and long sightedness.
Today they have a variety of bifocal contact lenses to choose from. Bifocal contact lenses can be tailored to individual needs, either with the different lenses separated in different areas, for instance long distance vision on the upper part of the contact lenses and close vision on the lower part, or with both types of lens in the pupil area. It is even possible to get bifocal contact lenses as disposables today.

Discount Contact Lenses

Until 2004 it was hard to take advantage of the many discounts on contact lenses offered by retailers on the Internet and discount outlets because consumers had no way to get a copy of their prescription, which was often held by the optometrist. Now, the law gives everyone the right to take their prescription to any outlet qualified to fill it.
Of course, cheapest isn’t always best, especially in the case of toric contact lenses, which need to be very accurately manufactured, and bifocal contact lenses, which need to be fitted by an optometrist and often require technical support during the first few months.

Halloween, colored and more

Retailers of discount contact lenses often offer colored contact lenses at no extra price, and these have become very popular recently, with a wide range of colors available. Colored contact lenses are available with no vision correction, and an even more stylised version, called Halloween contact lenses, goes one step further. Halloween contact lenses change the eye shape and color, and can create the effect of having tigers eyes, completely black or white eyes, or lots of other amazing effects. There is even a version which turns your eyes into the Stars and Stripes!

It is worth remembering when buying discount contact lenses that even if you need no vision correction, all contact lenses must be bought under prescription.
If a retailer is willing to sell you contact lenses of any type without a prescription, this is a sign that they are not a responsible broker.

Whether you need contact lenses to see, or just for effect, you have the choice of cleaning them or using disposable contact lenses. The majority people have decided that the convenience of disposable contact lenses outweighs the slight difference in cost, and these are becoming more popular each year. Optometrists also prefer disposable contact lenses because they cause less infections and are generally more comfortable.

There are several types of disposable contact lenses. Some are replaced daily, others weekly or monthly, and in each of these categories there are contact lenses designed to be worn during the day only, and those which can be left in at night.
Whichever type you decide to try, remember that the eye is a sensitive organ, and can be damaged by improper use of contact lenses. Make sure you understand the instructions your optometrist gives you, and always follow them.

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