First Nations delegates to call on Pope Francis to revoke church doctrine used to justify colonialism | CBC News

Members of the Meeting of First Nations (AFN) will urge Pope Francis on Thursday to revoke centuries-old papal decrees used to justify the seizure of Indigenous land within the Americas by colonial powers.

Two papal bulls issued in 1455 and and 1493 gave the church’s blessing to explorers’ claims to Africa and the Americas.

The Doctrine of Discovery relies largely on these papal bulls, issued by Pope Nicholas V and Pope Alexander VI.

“In the event you have a look at our historical past … what occurred since they landed on our shores, then principally it is genocide,” mentioned Gerald Antoine, Dene nationwide chief-elect and AFN regional chief of the Northwest Territories.

“We have to proper the flawed.”

Northwest Territories Regional Chief Gerald Antoine is main Meeting of Nations delegation to the Vatican. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC)

The AFN delegation — the last Indigenous group from Canada to meet privately with the Pope this week earlier than a last public viewers on Friday — plans to name on the Vatican to scrap the doctrine.

The transfer would fulfil the Roman Catholic Church’s function within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to action 49, which urges all spiritual and religion teams to repudiate ideas used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and other people.

Authorized professional blames doctrine for reconciliation’s failure

The Doctrine of Discovery declared lands held by Indigenous Peoples to be terra nullius — Latin for “no person’s land.”

Kaluhyanu;wes Michelle Schenandoah, a member of the Oneida Nation, mentioned the idea for the doctrine was the assumption that non-Christian Indigenous Peoples had been with out souls.

“As a result of we did not have souls, that gave the suitable for these explorers to do no matter they wished with Indigenous Peoples — homicide, rape, enslave,” she mentioned.

Schenandoah mentioned the doctrine has formed the mentality and behavior of Western tradition for hundreds of years.

She additionally mentioned there’s a direct connection between the doctrine and the disappearances and deaths of Indigenous girls in Canada.

In lots of pre-contact Indigenous nations, she mentioned, girls had the ultimate say on how the land was used — making them obstacles to European exploration and settlement.

“If you have a look at how these international locations have handled Indigenous girls, we’re on the underside rung,” Schenandoah mentioned. “As a result of the doctrine has positioned us on this place of being invisible and dispensable, subsequently the international locations deal with us this fashion.

“What offers any human or nation the suitable to say dominion over some other human or nation anyplace on this world?”

The doctrine labored its method into regulation and influenced the Indian Act, land claims and the residential faculty system.

A bunch of feminine college students and a nun pose in a classroom at Cross Lake Indian Residential Faculty in Cross Lake, Manitoba in a February 1940 archive picture. (Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs/Library and Archives Canada/Reuters)

Bruce McIvor, companion at First Peoples Legislation in Vancouver, mentioned the Pope may change issues in Canada by renouncing the doctrine.

“It will create impetus in Canada for the courts and governments to get severe about addressing this elementary lie that is on the basis of non-Indigenous claims to Indigenous lands in Canada,” he mentioned.

Pope known as upon to ‘take step one’

McIvor mentioned the federal authorities may additionally move a regulation revoking the doctrine.

“If the Pope took step one, that might create impetus for the federal authorities to do the identical factor,” he mentioned.

McIvor mentioned he believes the lingering affect of the doctrine is the rationale why reconciliation continues to fail in Canada.

“Once we hear the phrase reconciliation, what most Canadians do not understand is that’s invoking the Doctrine of Discovery,” McIvor mentioned.

“As a result of when the courts and … authorities say reconciliation, they imply reconciling with this elementary lie that colonizers can simply present up and declare Indigenous lands.”

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