Get The Powerful Healthy Hair Tips

Get The Powerful Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy Hair Tips 

Treatment for healthy hair can do at your home with the inexpensive price. Although many people who have healthy hair are do something extra treatment such as a go-to the salon. And the other said healthy hair is shiny hair.

Do you believe me….?

Ok I assume your answer YES
But do you know there are several methods of hair care easy to do, efficient and effective that

you can do by yourself.

So what are they?

Follow the instructions below to practical maintenance to get healthy hair

  • Routine Shampooing

If you want healthy hair, do not ignore the shampoo. The first time of hair care is from washing your hair itself. Try to washing your hair maximum every 2-3 days so dirt on the hair and scalp do not accumulate, which can cause hair fragility.

  • Cut Your Edge Hair Regularly

The functions if you do the second tips every one or two month are your hair growth awake and avoid branch hair. Do this to straighten the hair. I suggest you cut the edge at 2 cm.

  • Avoid Staining Excessive

If you want healthy hair, the hair care you can do is reduce the activity of hair coloring. Therefore, the dye used too much can contaminate the health and natural strength of your hair. And if you are already color your hair, I suggest you immediately do the process of professional treatment for your hair

  • Use Natural Materials

You can use aloe vera plant or lime, to nourish and strengthen hair root. You can also do the natural hair care using egg yolk, to nourish and shine your hair. Rub evenly on the scalp and hair.

  • Head Massage

Doing massage head for hair care and it will make your hair strong as well you can do by yourself. Just do it the massage like you headache. The goal is the same, so blood flows more smoothly in the head. The healthiness of your hair is also determined by the smooth circulation of your head.

  • Avoid The Excessive On Hair Treatment

As an example when you use hair spray every day. The excessive treatment like this on the hair can damage hair endurance. Do not forget that the excessive use of chemicals will reduce the strength of hair. So hair care you can do is to set the hair with more modest or no excessive chemicals.

  • Shampoo Products Selection

For the last tip of hair care is shampoo product selection. You have to do this carefully. Not all types of shampoo you can use. Do trial and error method or if you want safe, choose a shampoo from herbal ingredients (naturally) so not too many chemicals that pollute your hair.

  • Nutritious Food Consumption

The food you eat is one of the intake of nutrients for your hair. Healthy hair care starts with choosing foods that contain zinc (iron) and also proteins that enhance fertility and strength of hair. Look also about healthy hair vitamins.

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