Healthy Eating for a Diabetic|Healthy Eating for a Fitness

Healthy Eating for a Diabetic|Healthy Eating for a Fitness

Healthy Eating for a Diabetic|Healthy Eating for a Fitness 

Raising awareness about raising blood sugar diet concerns are one of the first topics the diabetes educator will address a look at how many foods we have look at you know walk down the growth in the aisles of the grocery store

Healthy Eating for a Diabetic

it’s overwhelming the number of food items to help patients with diabetes make good choices . Lee Health Solutions offers medical nutrition therapy it consists of one-on-one time with the dietitian we teach a little bit of carbohydrate counting whether it’s real specific carb counting or generalities of carb counting making sure that people get adequate whole grains adequate fruit adequate dairy in their diet but not too much to raise their blood sugar common everyday foods even once we don’t suspect can cause a jump in blood sugar fruit as an example would be considered a carb or a high-carb glucose grains I think everybody knows or most people understand that if we eat too much pasta too much.

Rice the blood sugar goes up all things in moderation is a good rule of thumb controlling diet makes an absolute difference in managing diabetes just before you came I took my blood sugar it was 92 so below 100 is average for the regular people George Pakal work with the diabetes educator to turn his diet around and with it the course of his disease you know diets are started and when the goal is achieved people stop the diet they don’t realize that eating is a lifelong process it’s a healthy perspective looking at diabetes as a lifelong journey for Lee Memorial Health System I’m Amy oh sure.

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