Heart Attack: Early Signs and Symptoms

Heart Attack: Early Signs and Symptoms

Heart Attack: Early Signs and Symptoms

Well the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack sometime are extremely vague. They can have nausea, they can have dizziness, they can have back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, jaw pain. They can have even abdominal pain, and sometimes things happen and they tend to deny that that’s what’s happening.

They have another reason for why they’re having these symptoms. And the problem is, they can be masking a heart attack and the early signs are easier to treat. Kind of listen to your body. If you tend to get heartburn normally, it might be heartburn If you take something that usually works for your heartburn, and it doesn’t work, then probably you should start being a little concerned, especially if they are in conjunction with other symptoms.

If you have that nausea and heartburn feeling along with an ache in your shoulder, or if you have jaw pain that doesn’t feel right, that doesn’t feel like it’s a tooth. Then if things seem too not normal for you, you need to listen to your own body, but also, don’t talk yourself out of those kinds of things. It really is a fine line.

All the literature for early heart attack care says “heart attacks have beginnings” and those are your beginning signs, and if you catch things in the beginning, you can,
perhaps even ward off the big heart attack. We have a wonderful cath lab here. We have wonderful cardiologists, very intelligent, very kind, very up-to-date.We are on call 24/7. Women are very different; a lot of times their chest pain and heart attacks are much more subtle. Sometimes they’ll never have a chest pain, they’ll have back pain, they’ll have nausea, they will have extreme fatigue, they will have symptoms that they really can more readily excuse away.

If this is something that is not your norm, then you definitely need to get help, and calling 911 is not a crazy thing, it’s going to save your heart muscle.

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