Homemade Remedies for Treatment of Hair Loss : Herbal Remedies

Homemade Remedies for Treatment of Hair Loss : Herbal Remedies

Hi I’m Desiree Valerio, Your natural remedy advisor here today to talk with you about homemade remedies for the treatment  of hair loss

My favorite remedy for treating hair loss is rosemary. I love the smell of rosemary. Today I’m going to tell you how to make a hair rinse using rosemary.That will promote hair growth and basically if you have fresh rosemary you just want to fill a pot with the rosemary.

Covered with water and bring it to a boil cover that pot turn off the heat and let it steep for a few hours. I typically steep mine overnight if you don’t have fresh rosemary you can also use an ounce of dried rosemary per quart of water and that works.

 Wonderfully as well once your rosemary has steeped for a few hours or overnight you want to take it from the pot and you’re going to strain it into a container of your choice and the container.Can either have like a flip top or it can be a spray if you’d like to enhance this hair rinse even more you can add rosemary essential oil to it as well and this also has.

Preserving qualities because this hair rinse is an infusion basically a strong herbal tea it’s something. That won’t last very long so adding rosemary essential oil and possibly even a little bit of alcohol. such as a vodka to it will preserve it for longer and basically what you want to do is after you’ve washed your hair you want to take some of this hair rinse and either put in the palm, of your hand or on your head and really massage it in and leave it in don’t rinse it out you can also , do little spot treatments. if you don’t wash your hair every day it’s something you can apply either once or twice a day in the morning .or before you go to bed another feature of rosemary is that it helps promote mental clarity as well so you get that added benefit I’m Desiree and this is homemade remedies for the treatment of hair loss .

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