9 important facts for permanently straight hair

Do you dream of soft, smooth, shiny hair? Then give it a try with a keratin smoothing. But not without knowing the nine most important facts about permanent hair straightening.

Did you know that keratin straightening is suitable for all hair types? 

Long, straight hair – who of us doesn’t want that? With keratin it is finally possible to tame even the wildest mane. Although the result is not permanent, the treatment of the hair lasts for about three to six months over a longer period of time.

9 Permanent Hair Straightening Facts You Should Know

The most important things that you should know about keratin straightening and which alternative products are available to get straight hair tips are summarized here in nine facts.

1. Keratin smoothing is a special hair treatment

Keratin straightening is a chemical process that makes the hair smooth for a long time. The special hair treatment originally comes from Brazil. The chemical process of keratin treatment in Singapore closes the surface structure of each individual hair so that the hair remains smooth even after several washes.  

2. Keratin smoothing works very easily

For smoothing, the keratin is first brushed onto the hair in the form of a cream. The active ingredient of the protein penetrates the cuticle of the hair and forms a protective film for the hair. Then they are blow-dried and smoothed.

Due to the high temperatures, the sulfur bridges in the hair realign themselves and form a new shape. This is fixed with the help of the keratin, which keeps the hair permanently smooth. 

By the way: Depending on the hair length and structure, you should plan between 3 to 5 hours for keratin treatment singapore.

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3. The treatment works for every hair type

Keratin smoothing is basically suitable for all hair types. No matter whether you have long, short, thick, thin, wavy or frizzy hair, the treatment is possible for all hair structures. Even bleached or colored hair is not excluded from this type of hair straightening.

After straightening keratin, you should leave a hair tint or highlights immediately afterwards. This would put too much strain on your hair and in the worst case scenario, it could break your hair.

4. The method is long lasting

The great thing about keratin straightening is that, unlike normal hair straightening, it not only lasts one hair wash, but over a longer period of time. However, the keratin washes out a little with every hair wash, which is why the treatment  lasts between three and six months on average  . After that, you should refresh the smoothing.

Keratin smoothing can also have a great side effect for the hair. As a result of the treatment, some waves hang out permanently and frizzy hair often only comes back some time later.

5. Keratin smoothing is not harmful

For a long time, the smoothing application had a bad reputation – it was harmful, not only to the hair, but also to general health. This was due to products from Brazil and the USA. They contained large amounts of formaldehyde, which can be very harmful and even carcinogenic.

However, you hardly need to think about today’s keratin products, because there are now completely new product lines on the market. Not only do they get by without formaldehyde, they are also harmless to our hair.

Tip: Talk to your hairdresser about the ingredients of the keratin product before use. If he gives you detailed information about the keratin method and his product, you can have your hair straightened without hesitation.

6. The cost of keratin straightening varies

Even if keratin smoothing is not exactly cheap, you should definitely have it carried out by a hairdresser. A treatment can  cost between 200 and 500 euros on average  – the exact price depends on the hairdressing salon and the length of your hair. So, We recommend you to choose Hera Beauty, it is the best hair salon Singapore.

In addition to the costs, you should also plan a lot of time. With long and large hair, the keratin product can take up to five hours to work in.

If keratin straightening is too expensive for you or takes too long, there is still an alternative to the straightening iron . This will make your hair smooth too.

7. Proper care after keratin smoothing is important

So that the hair remains beautiful and smooth after the singapore keratin treatment, the subsequent care is very important. Use special care products for hair treated with keratin.

It is also helpful to straighten the hair with a flat iron after the first one to three washes. This increases the effect.

8. These inexpensive alternatives are there

If you don’t have 200 to 500 euros available for keratin smoothing at the moment, you can easily bridge the time until the time comes. Because there are also cheaper products for wavy hair that also produce a great and quick straightening effect.

How about, for example, a nourishing intensive treatment or a shampoo that combines keratin and argan oil? With these three products you can easily get the best care for your hair at home.

#1. Keratin leave-in care

This care product from Argan Deluxe not only ensures silky, shiny and soft hair, but also provides it with sufficient moisture. Through the combination of keratin and argan oil, your hair is ideally protected from external influences, stays in shape longer and has a long-lasting freshness.

#2. Keratin collagen intensive treatment

The intensive treatment by Dr. Schedu is based on the latest scientific findings and revitalizes weak and brittle hair with its various herbal ingredients. In addition to keratin, it mainly contains collagen, aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil and argan oil.

#3. Keratin shampoo with anti-breakage effect

In the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo from OGX, argan oil and keratin are combined. The hair is strengthened and nourished from the inside out. In addition, the care formula increases the elasticity, making brushing and styling of the hair more successful and effectively preventing hair breakage.

9. Keratin is already present in our body

Did you know that up to 90 percent of our hair is made up of keratin? Keratins are proteins and basic building blocks of the hair fiber. They ensure the structure and elasticity of the hair. The protein compounds are also found in our fingernails and toenails and are contained in the skin.

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