List Of Diseases That Must Be Covered In Health Insurance Plan


With the unprecedented development in medical technology, the instances of disease recognition and classification have gone up. The dedication of seasoned doctors and health experts in identifying a disease and coming up with a sustainable cure has encouraged millions of Indians to get themselves under the medical radar. As a result, individuals can access leading hospitals from a plethora of clinical options. 

However, several individuals are unaware whether they are eligible to get hospital cash benefits for certain diseases. It is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the diseases covered under comprehensive health insurance plans. Therefore, it becomes highly important to clarify the list of diseases that are acknowledged by medical insurance programs. 

What are the diseases covered under health insurance plans? 

Due to the rise in the number of hospital insurance aggregators, their cash cover plans are mainly competitive in nature. This suggests that certain leading insurance providers take extra efforts to include certain diseases under their coverage. As a result, it becomes fairly difficult to pin-point or chalk-out one specific list of diseases included in such plans. 

However, a comparative study of the list of diseases between most reputed hospital cash insurance plans points to a comprehensive schedule of ailments. Therefore, the diseases that are covered under beneficial health insurance plans include the following

  • Coverage commencing after a waiting period –

Individuals are mainly eligible to receive hospital cash benefits from aggregators after a waiting period. This implies that they typically have to wait for a specified period before they can claim cash coverage from such financial institutions. However, they are likely to receive monetary compensation after a period for diseases related to vital organs. 

For instance, individuals can claim funds under their hospital cash insurance policy for their related expenses involving cardiovascular and kidney diseases. These typically include arrhythmia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, mitral regurgitation, and coronary artery diseases, among others. Common kidney ailments include tubular necrosis, nephrotoxicity induced by acetaminophen, lobar nephronia, and adenine phosphoribosyltransferase deficiency, etc. 

As a result, individuals can significantly mitigate their financial liabilities involving the expenses of attending to such diseases in a hospital. 

  • Diseases arising from accidents –

It is quite hard to predict when an individual will fall prey to unfortunate accidents. But when they do happen, they carry a host of medical complications along with them. Therefore, it possesses a serious financial threat to individuals, and they often postpone the needful medical processes for the lack of hefty personal funds. 

Reputed hospital cash cover plans provide financial aid through which individuals can pay for their hospital expenses and yet keep their finances intact. They can get cash benefits on complications emerging from accidents such as neuropathy, radiculopathy, and severe injuries to the brain. Additionally, they can also invoke financial compensation for medical bills for epilepsy and myocardial infarction. 

  • Diseases related to eyes –

Due to the comprehensive coverage provided by reputed insurance aggregators, individuals can avail hospital cash benefit on vision-related medical expenses. These complications typically include age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), CMV retinitis, strabismus, diabetic macular oedema, cataracts, etc. 

Therefore, individuals can lay down their financial worries while receiving the most suitable medical care from high-facility hospitals. Besides, they also have the option to finance their surgeries with hospital insurance. 

As can be seen, such cash benefit plans are inclusive of an array of diseases so that individuals can lead a life of relative comfort. However, there are a few things that customers should also keep in mind to reap the maximum benefits of their health insurance coverage. 

These include the following – 

  • Make sure they are eligible to receive financial expenses for aesthetic treatment, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery in case the need arises from an accident. 
  • Declare all their pre-existing ailments to the aggregators to understand the scope of a hospital cash plan. 

Individuals should actively subscribe to an inclusive hospital cash benefit plan to fund the increasing nature of medical expenses. One of the most financially advantageous insurance options is the Hospital Cash Cover provided by Bajaj Finserv under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. 

Besides, individuals can also choose an infection cover to protect themselves financially against hospital expenses arising from infections such as tetanus. They can benefit from coverage for hospitalisation, medication, and doctor’s fee related to the disease. 

In addition, they can also reduce their expenses significantly to battle with water borne ailments with water borne diseases insurance cover. 

Being aware of the diseases that are scheduled under health insurance plans helps an individual to reap hospital cash benefits. The knowledge regarding the range of diseases and ailments would help an individual seek medical attention immediately without worrying about financial condition and crunches.

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