Looking For The Best Cardiology Surgeon Plan Your Treatment in India


Travelling to India for medical treatment is now common for patients across the different parts of the world. It is because one can receive the best treatment in India at a very convenient and affordable cost. 

If you are suffering from any of the severe cardiac issues, you can find the Best Cardiology Surgeon in India. The cardiology surgeons in India have both the experience and expertise to deal with the cardiac disorders precisely. They possess years of experience in the treatment of pediatric patients as well as adults.

The best part about the cardiology treatment in India is you do not suffer any complications after the recovery care. You have all the instructions by the doctors and caregiver team before the discharge that helps you to stay safe. 

Know The Top Cardiology Surgeons in India

A few of the Top Cardiologists in India include the following.

  • Dr Ashok Seth, with 42 years of experience, is one of the best cardiac surgeons in India. Presently he is associated with Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi. He has 20,000 angioplasties and more than 40,000 angiograms. He has received several awards for saving numerous lives across the globe. 
  • Yet another name in the list of top cardiologists of India is Dr Paveen Chandra. He is one of the finest cardiologists in India with more than 30 years of experience. He performs more than 2,000 valvuloplasties in a year along with 2,500 in-depth cardiac diagnostic procedures. Presently, he works with one of the best health institutions in India, and that is Medanta- The Medicity.
  • The list of the best cardiac surgeons in India will be incomplete without the name of Dr Devi Prashad Shetty. He is one of the best cardiac surgeons with 34 years of experience. He performed the first-ever dynamic cardiomyoplasty. The doctor in India has expertise in performing 15,000 heart surgeries. He has won several national and regional awards. He works with Narayan Institute of Cardiac Sciences, a dedicated hospital for cardiological treatments.
  • Now adds to the list of the cardiac surgeons one of the most experienced cardiac surgeons of India, and that is Dr Naresh Trehan. He possesses over 42 years of experience in performing cardiac surgeries. He has performed over 48,000 surgeries throughout his career. He is the proficient choice for laser revascularisation, myocardial total cardiac revascularisation, robotic cardiac surgeries, and more. He is the CEO and founder of Medanta- The Medicity, a multispeciality hospital in India with a specialised heart treatment centre. 

Final Words:

Above-mentioned are just a few names in the list of top cardiac doctors of India. They are working with the Top Cardiology Hospitals in India. It allows them to combine their knowledge and experience with the best equipment available in the hospital. 

Thus, they are capable of delivering the best treatment to the patients without any complications. So, if you are looking for cardiac procedures with higher success rates plan your medical tourism to India. 

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