Are Pre-Workout Supplements Good or Bad for You?

Pre-workout supplements are available in the form of powders, and you can mix them with water or milk before exercise. They have amino acids, Vitamin-B, caffeine, creatine and artificial flavours. These supplements can boost your energy level and help you to stay at your gym for hours. But, are these pre-workout supplements good for your health? 

Nowadays, pre-workouts (known as pre-workout supplements) are available in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, health-drinks, canned drinks, powders and colourful liquid in shaker bottles. Doctors suggest having a piece of banana and toast before your workout as it can boost you energy.

But, when you do heavy workouts with weight-lifting exercises, you cannot get sufficient energy from a banana. In this case, you need to take some protein supplements before you hit the gym. Read our another content about 5 nutrients to lower stress, boost energy & improve sleep.

What is pre-workout?  

Pre-workout supplements can provide instant energy before you exercise, and you need to choose the best supplements for your health. You can also choose vegan supplements, which have a combination of Vitamin-B, carbohydrates and antioxidants. There are some vegan supplements available which are calorie-free, and you can have them before your workouts. 

Ingredients of pre-workout supplements: 

There are some pre-workout supplements available which contain caffeine, beet juice and amino acids. You can find some boosters like, arginine, citrulline, and ornithine in these supplements. They can increase your blood flow during the workout sessions. If you want to build mass muscles then you can choose some vegan supplements formulated with esoteric ingredients.

They can increase the insulin factor-1, which is a hormone that can help you to sustain more energy during the training.  Here, you can find some ingredients which are commonly used in pre-workout supplements: 

Nitric oxide:

Nitric oxide is naturally produced in your body to relax your blood vessels. It can maintain your blood flow. But, during your workouts, you need to use some pre-workout supplements to increase your blood flow to the muscles. You can use some vegan supplements which include L-arginine, L-citrulline, and beetroot juice. Such supplements can increase the oxygen level and transfer more blood to your muscles. But, nitric acids are harmful for elders and only young adults can take such supplements before their workout. 


If you love coffee then you know about caffeine. It is a stimulator that can improve your mental alertness, memory and performance. It can also burn your excess fat. Caffeine is a common ingredient found in pre-workout supplements. 


Creatine is normally formed in the skeletal muscles and it can improve the energy level of your body. You can find creatine capsules in your local pharmacy and you can use such capsules to generate more power. It is commonly used by bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes, and you can also find this substance in top vegan supplements. You need to reduce the recovery time during your exercise. When you switch from one set to another set of exercise, you have to take few minutes break, and it is called the recovery time. You can use some pre-workout supplements to reduce this recover time, and you can build mass muscles.  

What to avoid while you choose pre-workout supplements? 

Pre-workout supplements are completely safe, but they are not risk-free. There are some pre-workout supplements available which have artificial sweeteners and alcohols. These artificial flavours can harm your intestinal system, and you can suffer from gas, bloating and diarrhea. So you must choose some vegan supplements which do not have any artificial sweeteners or alcohol.

  • Caffeine is good for your health and it can boost your energy level. But, you need to maintain the consumption level of caffeine because excess level of caffeine can increase your blood pressure, and you might suffer from insomnia, anxiety and sleep disorders. 
  • In major countries, including the USA, such pre-workout supplements are not tested and regulated by the government and drug control authorities. So their label can state some wrong information and mislead the customers. You can suffer from severe side-effects by consuming such pre-workouts. It is a safe option to start with some vegan supplements because vegan products have fewer amounts of harmful substances and they do not have any side-effect. There are some third-party certifications available for such supplements, and you can check such certifications before you choose your pre-workout supplement. 

Why would you take pre-workout supplements? 

Pre-workout supplements are not mandatory for all. If you suffer from lack of energy and find it difficult to sustain your energy during your exercise then you can try such vegan supplements. Otherwise, proper hydration level, adequate sleep and a balanced diet plan can provide enough energy to build your mass muscles. Apart from that, pre-workout supplements are quite expensive and you can easily choose some natural alternative like, a banana and a cup of coffee to save your cost. 

But, pre-workout supplements can provide some protein synthesis, which are required during your workout. After doing few cardio exercises, your muscles become exhausted and you need to provide some instant proteins to boost up your energy level. If you have enough energy to spend on your gym then you can easily burn your excess fat without tiring early.   

If you want to build a stronger body with mass muscles then you need to maintain a balance between protein synthesis and protein breakdown. You can have enough amounts of amino acids through these vegan supplements, which will keep the protein level high and reduce your protein breakdown rate. It will prevent your muscles from being broken down due to lack of energy. 

Moreover, you can spend more time in the gym and tone your body, when you have such supplements. These vegan pre-workout supplements can reduce your recovery time and you can stay energized for the next few hours. You just need to utilize this time to build your mass muscles. On the other part, if you have obesity then you will have more time to spend in the gym and you can reduce your weight faster. Make sure, you must check the ingredients of such supplements before you choose. Read our another content about simple home workout for women’s weight loss.

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