Quick Relief for Tense Shoulders & Neck Pain ♥ Easy 7 Minute Routine!

Quick Relief for Tense Shoulders & Neck Pain ♥ Easy 7 Minute Routine!

Quick Relief for Tense Shoulders & Neck Pain ♥ Easy 7 Minute Routine!

I always like to start with a breath to get grounded and allow our bodies to relax, so take a deep breath here in through. The Nose and out through the mouth and again one more next we’re gonna do a little Peck stretch help open up the shoulders so . I’m gonna have you take your right hand and place it behind your shoulder and press in through the chest opening up the pack on that side just for one breath and on the other side opening up the pecs next.

Quick Relief

I’ll have you palpate your PEC attachments and release. Those with your fingers so we’re going to do one two three massaging the pecs one two three one two three one two three next, I’ll show you some massage for the shoulders. I’ll turn around so you can get a better view all right so from this position locate whatever shoulder you’re feeling happens to be more sore for me.

I can feel my left side more than my right so. I’m gonna take my right hand and squeeze in towards the rhomboids and upper trapezius just rolling my hand forward across those fibers making sure to breathe as I’m loosening up this area one two three one two three and then going to the other side letting that last arm rest 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 feel free to repeat this as much as you feel necessary now that. I’m on my right side I can feel.

I have a lot of crunchiness going on there and then relax the arms and take a breath and then with my right hand.  I will loosen the deltoid on my left side so squeezing in 1 2 3 going to the top 1 2 3 one more time 1 two three and then the other side squeezing into the deltoid with my fingers and thumb and palm one two three breathing one two three one more time one two three and rest so next for the shoulder stretch.  I’ll have you move into Child’s Pose with me so go ahead and go down into Child’s.

Pose and then with your right arm I’ll have you slide it through the opening on the left and then rest on that shoulder you can kind of play with the position of that hand and arm and , I’m gonna move this arm so you can see a little better so we’re compressing the shoulder a little bit here we’re also stretching the back of the shoulder for a couple breaths and then coming out back down on the other side looping through with my arm compressing that shoulder and breathing stretching the outside of the rotator cuff area the top of the deltoid and compressing the pecs this will all help your shoulder relax taking a breath here and then slowly coming up feel free to repeat this or refer back to it whenever you’re feeling shoulder pain and you need a quick fix and I look forward to seeing you soon thank you so much .

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