Secret beauty in 10 minutes not makeup


Secret beauty in 10 minutes, not makeup

Secret beauty

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. But they are complaining they do not have much time to make up or just take care of beauty. When you are busy with work or household activities but still want beautiful and attractive, there are perfect solutions to get the best performance in 10 minutes. Do this routine every day and enjoy the results.

1. Clean your face

Clean the face does not have to spend much time. Simply wipe the face with a specific tissue facial cleanser that can remove makeup in 60 seconds. Tissue cosmetics are free sold and fit for all skin types.

2. Instant smooth face

Just do peeling two-three times a week while bathing. Use a cream that can remove dead skin as well as moisturizing skin

3. Hair shine
To be smooth and shiny hair, you can apply conditioner from end to hairs root. Let stand one minute, rinse and healthy hair will be yours.

4. Mask

You may not have time to use anti-aging mask. Apply a moisturizer every day before you use foundation and use every night before bed will keep your skin youthful.

5. Mini manicure

No need to spend hours in the salon to get the perfect nails. You can steal time to improve the form of nails for a minute at lunch or in the vehicle. Add quick-drying nail polish and beautiful nails will soon be yours.

6. Eye bags

Place a small piece of ice on a swollen eyelid. Within a minute, swelling will be gone

7. Perfume

Spray perfume behind ears and wrists. The perfume will last longer than you spray perfume into other areas.

8. The face looks younger

Remove the old impression by sweeping the shadow cheek across the cheekbone and then brush glossy powder on top of a cheek. This trick will draw attention to the eyes and makes the wearer look younger.

And one of the most important things, self-confidence will make the aura of beauty radiates from your face. So now it’s time to look beautiful all the time, every day

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