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Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening

Have you ever looked at your favorite movie star and wondered what it is that gives him or her that sheen of perfection? How do they look so good in close ups which show any blemish? Well, what was once their secret is now used by ordinary people all over America, as teeth whitening products become more available and more effective. Once the only way to fade stains caused by coffee or tea drinking, smoking or red wine, was to brush with a whitening product 
such as abrasive teeth paste, but nowadays there are many other options, and even stains caused by tetracycline can be bleached.

Laser teeth whitening

New technology has resulted in the development of teeth whitening products which use a stable form of peroxide, which can be applied in several ways. If you wish to have the treatment done by your dentist, he will use a teeth whitening gel which he will paint on to your teeth after buffing them, and activate using laser light.

This treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the amount of bleaching which needs
to be done, and may need more than one appointment to get really good results. One of the fastest working products is the Zoom tooth whitening gel, used by many dentists.

Teeth whitening gel

However, many people prefer to bleach their teeth at home, using one of the commercial teeth whitening gels easily available on the Internet, or which can be bought from the dentist. One system uses a tray which is molded to fit the teeth by boiling it for a few minutes until it softens, and then biting on it for a few minutes, while others need to be sent to a dental lab to make the mold- this can take a few weeks, but usually results in a better fit.

The tray is filled with the teeth whitening gel and put in place,
and needs to be in contact with the teeth for between four to eight hours, because although this is the same gel used by the dentist, the process is slower without the activation by laser light. The strongest of these teeth whitening products are those using 22% carbamide peroxide, these claim to whiten teeth by up to nine shades and deal with the toughest stains.

After finishing bleaching your teeth, there are several ways to keep them white, most of which are applied as toothpaste. Some use a weak form of the teeth whitening gel as well as abrasive paste, and some contain potassium nitrate, which reduces sensitivity caused by the bleaching process.

Teeth whitening products

When you are trying to decide which of these teeth whitening methods or products suits you, take into account that although bleaching at home is cheaper and often more convenient, a dentist can advise you whether your teeth are suitable for the procedure. Some people have prominent fillings or crowns which will stay the same color after the treatment and will suddenly look
unsuitable, others may have sensitivities to some of the chemicals used. Before choosing a whitening product, check with the American Dental Association. They have a list of approved products which bear the ADA seal , this list appears on their web site and is free.

Always check with your dentist before using any teeth whitening products!

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