Ten Tips For How To Grow Hair Faster In A Week


The average growth of hair is about an inch per month so if you are longing for your hair to grow fast and reach your waistline then it may take a while.

And when people keep searching for the one miracle to increase the speed of hair growth, the truth is there is exactly no such cure to grow hair faster.

But if one follows some healthy habits and tips then with all these different combinations they can grow hair longer and faster.

Ten Tips For How To Grow Hair Faster

Brushing your hair

Brushing your hair

Hair grows on your scalp area and brushing your hair before and after washing it increases blood flow to the scalp area. This, in turn, distributes the essential nutrients to hair more efficiently.

Healthy vitamin-rich diet

Healthy vitamin-rich diet

Vitamins are the best way to increase hair growth and to be more specific you must try prenatal vitamins which are very rich in iron and folic acid. Eating fruits, vegetables and iron-rich food can increase the hair growth most effectively. Vitamin A, C and H are the most important ones to promote hair growth.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage

Massage is the best way to increase blood flow in the body parts, and with scalp massage you increase the blood flow to your scalp. The nutrients reach the hair follicles quickly and so the hair grows faster and longer.

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Adequate moisture supply to hair

Oils and other maintenance agents are always recommended for use as they provide the moisture needed for faster growth by hairs. Olive oil is one very popular such maintenance agent for moisture supply to the hair.

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Avoid too much styling and chemical agents

Avoid too much styling and chemical agents

Styling is always appreciated but too much of it makes the hair weak and damages them. Also using chemicals on hair for straightening or curling it may damage the hairs as it alters their natural makeup. So for healthy hair and faster growth, it is advisable to use such things only occasionally.

Avoid putting stress on hair

Any such hairstyle that puts stress on hair follicles must be avoided as unnecessary stress on hair follicles adversely affects the growth of hair.

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Plan your hair cut

Most of the hairstylists recommend having hair cut every 6-8 weeks because cutting about half an inch of your hair will still promote faster hair growth.

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Avoid mental stress

Too much of stress can damage the hair. And it is not a rumour but is completely true. So avoid getting stress and stay cool and calm if you want your hair to grow faster and longer.

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Hair supplements

If your normal diet cannot contain all the essential vitamins then you may use hair growth supplementary vitamin for getting faster and healthy hair growth. The best such supplement vitamin is Viviscal.

Conditioner treatment

The route of faster and longer hair growth is through a healthy scalp and to get so conditioner treatment every week helps a great deal. So following these health tips you can get a faster and longer hair growth naturally, not immediately but definitely.

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