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The First Aid For Hair Loss Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We’ve Seen


The First Aid For Hair Loss Awards Many women feel worried if they are experiencing no hair loss. Basically, we cannot avoid the problem of hair loss because every day there are about 50-100 hair loss is caused by the cycle of hair growth itself

Before we talk about tips on how to reduce hair loss, I think a good idea for us to know some of the causes of hair loss so that we can confirm which method is the best match to cope with hair loss.

Here are some common causes of hair loss, such as

  • Caused by infection, disease and the use of some drugs after surgery for example diabetes, thyroid disease, chemotherapy
  • Caused by genetic factors
  • Caused by abnormalities in the immune system such as alopecia areata disease, androgenic alopecia which causes baldness
  • Due to hormonal imbalances in the body such as during menopause, after childbirth, the use of contraception Knowing the causes of hair loss will help us to determine the best method in dealing with hair loss. Specialized care that requires medical supervision can generally be applied in dealing with hair loss caused by disease, disorders of the immune system and drugs. Solve hair loss caused by drugs, stress or zinc can be done by overcoming the factors. Once the causes can be resolved, the hair loss problem will stop by itself.

To cope with hair loss caused by infection, usually, antibiotics is the best answer. Meanwhile, to cope with hair loss due to the alopecia areata can be done by injecting steroids in areas that fall out And the last for hair loss problem because androgenic alopecia can be overcome with a wig because for this case cannot be cured.

There are several tips to resolve hair loss as well as care and beautify your hair and you can learn and apply it with the needs of your healthy hair. 

Below are the simple tips to resolve your hair loss:

1. Avoid using hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, toning, hair spray, gels and other things that contain too many chemicals.

The chemicals in these products can cause damage to your hair. You should choose the products that come from natural and herbal ingredients. And this is one of many healthy hair tips.

2. Change your habits when you washing or shampooing your hair

  • Avoid shampooing using hot water (warm water is better for your hair)
  • The maximum you must wash your hair once in two days
  • Do not comb your hair too hard because it will cause hair loss. Use a good quality comb
  • Massage scalp thoroughly for 10-15 minutes after shampooing. This is to help stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the hair root

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