The Most Important Tech Developments of 2022

2021 has been quite an eventful year considering the economy, the continued COVID-19 pandemic, and our response to it has made news cycles quite short, fast, and brutal. While the world economy slowed down, the use of calling apps continued so that people could stay in touch. Slickcall is a new and innovative best VoIP app for international calls that allows you to make cheap international calls from USA . The good thing is while all this has been happening, a lot of good also happened in the world of technology. We have picked five news items that made 2022 exciting for us.

1. Commercial Space Flight Is Here and It’s Going to Change Everything

The beginning of 2022 was rife with news about the billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos reaching for space. Months later, Bezos’ Blue Origin started carrying people to space in its reusable rocket. News about commercial space flights reached its apex when Captain James T. Kirk aka William Shatner reached space in October with Blue Origin. The interesting part is that Shatner is the oldest person ever to go to space at the age of 90. This news added a new dimension to space travel giving a glimmer of hope to space lovers.

2. Crypto Regulation: Here to Stay?

There is a very interesting philosophy forming the foundation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: It’s resistant to any regulations and is decentralized. However, when such a thing is seen in the context of the current global economy, a centrally managed and non-hierarchical system is not viable. Therefore, it is quite natural for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to interest the regulators as the influence of cryptocurrencies grows.

U.S. regulators have been wanting to bring the crypto market to heel while China has banned mining of cryptocurrency this year. Most probably, it seems that the crypto market will not be allowed to run without any regulation to control it, especially considering the rapid shifts in its value. To make cryptocurrencies more practical, it might make sense to chalk out some regulations. Considering the recent scams, excessive fees, and energy usage, Bitcoin has emerged as quite a useful currency.  

3. The Future is Almost Here: Folding Phones

Samsung’s third generation of phones was released this year, namely Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. Both of them are folding smartphones. These phones have been generally perceived as more than just a concept. The devices are much better as compared to their predecessors both in terms of their ability to fold and the working of these devices. Both Fold 3 and Flip 3 show that these folding phones remained quite successful during 2022. 

3.1. Use the best international calling app on your Samsung Mobile

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4. How NFTs is showing us the way forward

NFTs might not be the best option considering the crazy prices they can fetch but still, NFTs need to be mentioned as the best pieces of tech this year. It implies that blockchains can have other uses as well such as letting people own non-fungible assets. Although the concept of blockchain is quite new and difficult to understand still experimenting with this interesting new technology can be fruitful in the long run. For example, their application in supply chain management, improved chains of custody, and transfer of ownership can do wonders.

5. Electric Vehicles Are Getting an Overwhelming Response

According to an early forecast in the first half of 2022, predictions were made that electric vehicles will see an increase of 71% in terms of purchases this year. An overwhelming 88% increase has been recorded by October and thus putting the growth of the EV market beyond expectations.

Still, EVs only account for 2.7% of the total automotive market which means that there is a lot of room for growth. With additional incentives and infrastructure demands put forward by the Biden Administration, buying an EV is a must. Infact, we can even find used electric cars which only shows that owning a car is more affordable and convenient today.

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