Top 5 Foods You Cannot Eat For Breakfast

Top 5 Foods You Cannot Eat For Breakfast
Bowl of muesli with yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries, boiled egg, orange juice, croissant and coffee for healthy breakfast

Breakfast is a must, everyone knows that. However, this does not mean that you can throw anything in your mouth, just to not leave the house hungry. The choice of breakfast recipes depends on national and family traditions, lifestyle and even on the day of the week and season. However, there are products that nutritionists categorically do not recommend eating for breakfast. What kind? Read about it in our material.

Preparing a delicious and healthy breakfast is not at all difficult. However, most of us do not have time for this in the morning. It’s better to leave the house hungry than not made up – a saying that applies to most women. That is why many in a hurry make themselves a sandwich, instead of eating porridge or fruit salad. Nevertheless, the same sandwich is not the best place to start the day.

Bacon, ham and sausages

These products, which are so often used in the preparation of sandwiches, contain a huge amount of salt and harmful nitrates. For information: the amount of nitrates in one kilogram of sausage, sausages or bacon should not exceed 0.005 g. So read the label carefully. If you are used to having breakfast tightly, then replace sausages with chicken breast or stack. Or make a sandwich of cereal bread, hard cheese and greens.

Breakfast cereals

In addition to healthy fiber, there is a lot of glucose and fructose in purchased cereals. Easily digestible carbohydrates give only short-term saturation, that is, after 2-3 hours you will again want to eat. Which cereal is really healthy in the morning is muesli – again, without sugar and flavored additives. The best option is to mix boiled Hercules or natural wheat granola with chopped fresh fruits and nuts and pour kefir or plain yogurt. Or cook porridge, after soaking the cereal for the night. In this case, porridge cooks very quickly.

Donuts and hash browns

A duet of sweet and fatty is not only harmful, but also dangerous for the figure. Donuts cooked in sizzling oil and generously sprinkled with powdered sugar, as well as toasted pancakes, are the right way to extra pounds. In addition, after such a breakfast, heaviness in the stomach is guaranteed to you.

Fruit yogurt

Ready-made purchased yogurts also conceal a lot of various flavors, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. For this reason, such a breakfast cannot be considered healthy. And if you take into account that you don’t get enough of a glass of yogurt, then this product goes directly to the “blacklist”. Fruit yogurt can be replaced only with its natural counterpart or kefir.

Cottage cheese

Regarding cottage cheese, not everything is so categorical, one is one but. Cottage cheese is a protein food. Nutritionists recommend consuming it in the afternoon. Firstly, proteins themselves require much more energy for their assimilation than the same fats and carbohydrates. By evening, the metabolic rate in the body decreases, that is, our energy consumption decreases slightly. Therefore, the intake of protein in the evening is able to maintain the metabolic rate at a higher level. And this is a direct path to a slim figure! In the morning you won’t get such an effect from cottage cheese.

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