An edible seed of a drupe, belonging to genus Juglans, walnut is widely consumed as a nut. Being enriched with healthy fats, fibers, minerals and vitamins make them highly nutritious. This nutritious value is the reason that walnuts have numerous health benefits. Out of many, English walnut is most commonly used. A number of studies do approve the health benefits of walnuts.

The Top Health Benefits of walnuts are:

1. Boosts Brain Function

Walnuts contain certain nutritious elements such as polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E as well as certain anti-inflammatory substances. Studies affirm that using a substantial amount of walnuts daily has significant health benefits. Furthermore, it boosts the brain functioning, intellectual skills and memory.  The effectiveness is equally beneficial for all age groups and in Alzheimer’s patients.

2. An Excellent Source Of Antioxidants

Compared to other nuts, walnuts are particularly high in antioxidants. This property is linked to vitamin E and polyphenols. One of the studies reveals that consuming walnut-rich meal significantly prevents oxidative damage to cells. The reactive oxygen species (ROS) are by product of cellular metabolism. These damage the cells, in particular the skin cells. Thus, the aging lines and wrinkles appear. Walnuts prevent oxidative damage and thus good for healthy skin as well.

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3. May Reduce The Risks Of Various Cancers

Walnuts are nutritious nuts and beneficial for overall wellbeing. Remember that walnust are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. These substances include polyphenol ellaagitannins and urolithins. Gut microbes convert polyphenols to urolithins. These anti-inflammatory substances are considered to have anticancorus and tumor-suppressing properties. Some of the lab trail on animals and observational studies support the fact that walnuts may reduce the risks of cancers such as prostate, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. However, this claim needs further research and studies.

4. Effective For Weight Control

Walnuts as well as various nuts are effective for controlling weight. Replacing the usual unhealthy snacks with healthy nuts such as walnuts is beneficial for health. The nutritional substances in walnuts give a sense of fullness. Moreover, its use is beneficial for controlling apatite and food cravings. Though walnuts are high in calories, you may not absorb all of its calories and thus effective for controlling weight.

5. Reduce The Blood Sugar Levels And Risks Of Diabetes Type 2

Certain observational studies affirm that walnuts reduce the blood glucose levels and thus effectively reduce the risks of diabetes type 2. One reason for this effectiveness is its rich proportion of antioxidants. Additionally, walnuts are good to control weight. Obesity increases the chances of diabetes type 2. Thus, walnuts significantly reduce the risks of diabetes type 2.

6. Significantly Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is root cause of many of the chronic diseases such as arthritis. One of the major health benefits of walnuts is that these reduce inflammation. The effectiveness attributes to presence of polyphenols and a subgroup of polyphenols- namely ellagitannins. The probiotic bacteria in gut break down the ellagitannins in to urolithins. This urolithins has protective effects and also reduces inflammation. Various other compounds in walnuts help to reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation. Mineral including omega-3-fatty acid, arginine amino acid also have vital role in this regard.

7. Promotes Gut Microbiota

In our gut, the presence of health-promoting bacteria- gut microbiota is good for overall health. These health-promoting gut microbes’ help in production of vitamin K. on the other hand, unhealthy composition of gut microbes leads to infection and inflammation. It also increases the risks of obesity, poor digestion and other health issues. The healthy nutritious content of walnuts is good for maintaining healthy composition of gut microbiota for our overall wellbeing.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, walnuts are rich source of many nutrients and have abundant health benefits. To have a healthy body and mind and to maintain healthy lifestyle, one must add walnut as part of daily balanced diet.

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