US adults who get annual flu shots 25% more likely to get COVID vaccine

US adults who get vaccinated in opposition to the flu yearly had been 24.7% extra prone to full a main COVID-19 vaccine routine than those that by no means acquired the flu vaccine, finds a study yesterday in JAMA Community Open.

Rand Corp. researchers used their American Life Panel, a chance pattern of US adults, to research self-reported flu vaccine uptake within the 2009 to 2017, 2019-20 (largely prepandemic), and 2021-22 (pandemic) flu seasons. The group additionally evaluated COVID-19 vaccine standing through the latter two seasons.

Of 1,366 survey respondents, 85% had been White, 11% had been Hispanic, 7% had been Black, and a couple of% had been Asian. Common age was 56 years.

Amongst 358 members who at all times acquired the flu vaccine by way of 2017, 81.4% to 92.2% nonetheless did so two to 4 seasons later. However of 642 respondents who by no means acquired the flu vaccine, solely 20.3% acquired it in 2019 to 2020, rising to 23.5% through the pandemic. Those that at all times bought the flu shot had been 24.7% extra prone to be vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 than those that by no means did so.

COVID-19 vaccination was 50% extra widespread in respondents vaccinated in opposition to the flu in 2021-22 (90.8% of 944 vs 60.9% of 723; danger ratio [RR], 1.50). And flu vaccine uptake in 2021-22 was 230% larger amongst COVID-vaccinated members (57.1% of 1,025 vs 17.3% of 341; RR, 3.30).

COVID-19 vaccinees had been more likely to obtain the flu vaccine in 2022 after not receiving it in 2020 (odds ratio [OR], 12.82). Recipients of each vaccines had larger academic attainment, whereas Democrats had been extra doubtless than Republicans to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine (OR, 4.43) however to not swap from not receiving to receiving the flu vaccine.

“Most strikingly, amongst people who traditionally by no means bought the influenza vaccine, these receiving COVID-19 vaccine had been considerably extra prone to swap towards getting the influenza vaccine,” the authors wrote. “This means that investing in vaccine acceptance has payoffs past the vaccine itself.”

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