Weight Loss Workout Program – Burn Fat With This Routine

A common complaint I’ve heard from people trying to lose weight is, “Exercising is so inconvenient. I just can’t get to the gym often enough to make it worth my while.”

I totally understand. Exercising at a gym is inconvenient. Once upon a time, I was in the same boat until I decided to stop going to a gym and started working out at home instead. I haven’t looked back since.

Great weight loss workout programs can be created right in your basement or extra room with minimal equipment. You can produce high-intensity fat burning workouts that will be as good as and sometimes better than one’s you can do at a gym and for a fraction of the cost.

Gym create your own home

A home gym can be outfitted with basic exercise equipment for less than the cost of six months of gym fees. Here’s what I have

★ Adjustable flat bench (Somewhat expensive but not absolutely necessary)

★ Adjustable dumbbells

★ Push up handles

★ Stability ball

★ Jump rope

★ Ankle weights (Not necessary but I like them.)

Keep an eye out garage sales. You’d be surprised at the exercise equipment you can pick up for pennies on a dollar.

Simple weight loss workout program

If you are pressed for time and can’t make it to the gym then perform this simple workout routine in your home. If you perform this routine fast and hard, without a lot of time between exercises, you will be able to burn some fat off your body.

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Pushups to strengthen your chest muscles

Exercise Without Weights The Push-Up

With your pushup handles do as many regular pushups as you can. When you can’t perform any more allow your knees to touch the floor so you can do five more. Rest 60 to 90 seconds and then do another set. Rest 60 to 90 seconds and do the third set.

f you can’t do a normal pushup then do the easier knee pushups until you are strong enough to do regular pushups.

Chair dips to strengthen your triceps

Chair dips to strengthen your triceps

You can use a sturdy kitchen chair if you don’t have a workout bench to perform this exercise. Sit down on the chair like normal, then grasp the chair by the sides and slide your butt forward until it’s off the chair and you are supporting your body weight with your arms and legs. Walk your feet forward a couple of small steps until your toes are pointing in the air and just your heels are touching the floor.

Lower you’re but toward the floor eight to ten inches focusing your attention on your triceps. Perform 3 sets with 60 to 90 seconds between sets.

Dumbbell rows to strengthen your back

Dumbbell rows to strengthen your back

There are two ways you can perform dumbbell rows, one arm at a time with heavy dumbbells, or both arms simultaneously with lighter dumbbells. Your choice may be decided by the condition or your back.

If I had a bad back I would choose the one-arm version. If I had a good back I would alternate between versions from workout to workout.

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Dumbbell lunges to strengthen your legs

Dumbbell lunges to strengthen your legs

Hold the dumbbells at your side and step forward with one foot. Bend down until your knee almost touches the floor. You can either perform this exercise with the same leg for ten to twelve reps or you can alternate your legs.

Stability ball abdominal crunches your stomach muscles

Stability ball abdominal crunches your stomach muscles

Sit down on your stability ball and slowly walk forward until only your upper back is supported by the ball. Interlace your fingers behind your head and slightly arch your spine. Focus on your stomach muscles. You should feel them contract.

Perform 3 sets of 20 to 25 crunches with 60 to 90 second rest periods between sets. You can perform this workout program different than I explained it.

Instead of doing three sets of each exercise before moving to the next exercise you can do them in a circuit. Perform one exercise, rest for 60 seconds, then perform the next exercise in the series. Go through the circuit three times and you’re done!


Working out at home is convenient and fun. It certainly saves on gym costs, travel, waiting for equipment, and embarrassment if you’re not in as good shape as the other gym members.

Experiment with this weight loss workout program to your heart’s content. Add additional exercises or perform these in different sequences. As long as you perform the exercises correctly you are bound to get stronger and lose weight.

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