What the Best Exercise Fitness Pros Do (and You Should Too)

What the Best Exercise Fitness Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Exercise fitness
Exercise Fitness
Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just arrived home from work, tired and stressed only to be met at the door by your eight-year old son who wants you to go out and throw the baseball with him?  You apologize, and tell him you are just too tired right now, and you play with him “later on.”
Instead of putting him off with eighteen excuses as to why you can’t play right now, you might be surprised how much energy you will have after this 20-30 minute workout if you say yes.
When exercising for over 30 minutes at a moderate pace, you will find that mentally, you will feel better.
You will even sleep better. Your appetite will improve and you will be able to sharpen your problem-solving techniques.
Regular exercise serves many purposes. Exercise teaches you discipline. It can enhance your outlook on life, and it gets you out of the house so you don’t become a couch potato. Exercise Fitness has the ability to lift depression, but you need to enter into it gradually unless you favor stiff muscles, major aches and pains and shortness of breath. Try it first for 15 minutes a day for 3 days a week. Once your body gets tuned to the activity, then you can increase the time spent that you exercise.
Listen to your body. When you hurt, STOP! Cease exercising for a few days or scale back the amount of time you are exercising. Although the slogan is “No pain, no gain…” (this slogan was coined for the International Bodybuilding
World Champions) where pumped-up athletes compete for money and prizes. It should not extend to the overweight, middle-aged businessman who has enjoyed too many business lunches and not enough time exercising the calories off.
Make use of your surroundings: Is there a beach nearby your home, or a children’s playground? Start walking the dog, or take the family for a daily walk. Check out any trails near your home. If you are near bike trails, bicycling is a great cardiovascular workout. Many bike paths are quite scenic. At the park with your kids, don’t just sit on the bench, join your children’s activities, cross the monkey bars, play hopscotch, run around with the other kids. Revisit your childhood for the sake of your health.
Look into Power Yoga: Yes there is such a thing. Power Yoga is more energetic with the focus being balance and healing. Power Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and not tell your body what to do. It is exercise, but it is also a cleansing of your soul. Power Yoga will help you create harmony in your life.

Talk to your boss about starting an exercise program at work. Many CEO’s are now recognizing the advantages to having employees who are physically fit.Being physically fit means you are also mentally fit.
Some five-star rated corporation heads routinely participate in triathlons and other endurance races and encourage their employees to do the same. 
Even insurance companies are recognizing the advantage to having employees participate in sports and physical activity.  Some insurance companies will give out perks to people if they keep their blood pressure down, lose weight, or stop smoking.
Buy a hand-pushed lawn mower. Use this instead of a riding mower if you own just a little bit of land. You can’t conceivably hand-mow two acres of grass, but smaller yards will create a nice workout for you. Look around your environment and create the opportunity to exercise more, even if it is just helping your wife or girlfriend with the housework!
Make exercise a family- affair, or go jogging or walking with friends. Leave your cell phone at home! This is the time to concentrate on your body and your mind. Get involved with your community, join Habitat for Humanity, the YMCA, volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club, or become a Boy Scout leader.
However, before you do any types of regular physical activity, talk to your doctor.
Especially if you are at risk for heart disease, have been diagnosed with Diabetes, are considered obese, or have suffered from broken bones in the past.
Is Exercise Addicting?
Some experts believe that exercise can be addicting. Other experts maintain that only compulsive behavioral type individuals get addicted to exercise. It is a well-known fact that when exercising vigorously for over 30 minutes the body releases endorphins and hormones that make the body feel good.
A moderate amount of exercise burns up about 150 calories or 1,000 calories daily if you exercise the same amount of time every day.

Moderate Exercises

  • Washing windows or floors
  • Playing touch football
  • Walking
  • Shooting basketball
  • Bicycling
  • Dancing
  • Raking leaves
  • Swimming
  • Shoveling snow
We will also discuss in another section of this website the importance of combining exercise Fitness with proper nutrition.

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