Why We Love Herbalife (And You Should, Too!)


Why We Love Herbalife (And You Should, Too!)


Herbalife International, Inc. was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes.  The focus of Herbalife is toward living healthy, maintaining proper weight and using wholesome products to enhance your life. To date, there are over one million independent herbalife distributors in over 59 countries Herbalife’s most popular item is the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. On the Herbalife website there are pages of testimonials praising this product along with others.

Herbalife distributors

Considered to be a multi-level marketing company, Herbalife is well-known for its high-powered seminars and training programs along with their online support system. There are opportunities for advancement within the company for herbalife distributors. Leadership Development Weekends are planned out to develop these future leaders.

A program is also available to pair an interested person up with a mentor, someone who has been in the Herbalife system long enough to understand the concepts and pass on their wisdom and knowledge. Herbalife employs a team of experts, scientists and leading business people to keep them in the forefront in the fight for healthful living.

In 2003 after working seventeen years with Disney,  Michael O. Johnson joined the Herbalife team as their CEO. With annual sales going into the billions, Herbalife’s success in highly dependent upon its wide- range of healthy products:

Herbalife products


The Shapeworks program is a line of shakes, protein powders and snacks designed to give you energy and set you on the road to optimum health.  The snack bars are powered with protein and flavor, and leave your body feeling satisfied cutting down on the cravings for sweets. The beverage mixes are of various fruit flavors, working as both a refreshing sports drink and a way to maintain your weight.

Soups are also available, and for the weight-conscious individual who can’t make up their mind as to what they want, Herbalife provides several sampler packs.

Herbalife’s Energy Enhancers

Powered by protein, these powders can be mixed with water or juice to supply a satisfying thirst and hunger-quenching delight. The dietary supplement Total Control is available. Total Control claims to help aid you in your weight-loss program.

Snack Defense

Reduce your desire for something sweet by taking this supplement as you diet. Lowers your cravings for after meal snacks, and claims to keep you on the weight-loss track naturally.

Herbal Aloe Drink, and Active Fiber Drink Mix are two products that promote good digestive activity and natural elimination. Cleansing the body of toxins and helping to promote good health.

Thermo-Bond helps to accelerate the waste through your system.

Aminogen aids in helping the body digest proteins effectively.

Daily Packs are for people on the go. All your nutritional requirements can be found within these packets. Easy to slip into a briefcase, purse or backpack, all you need to add is the liquid to make your meal.

Newest on Herbalife’s line is Core Complex and Niteworks Powder Mix. Delivers energy to the body and claims to help the circulation of the blood and heart health.

Herbalife carries children’s vitamins. Dinomins, for children aged two and up, and Kindermins for children under the age of three.

Men who are dealing with daily stress are advised to turn to Herbalife’s Stress Factor 1000. 

Women can manage the stress of their daily life with Tang Kuei Plus and Xtra Cal.

Herbalife supplies women with help-ids when it comes to PMS with their Women’s Choice. Women’s Choice is said to help alleviate the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings of menopause.

Besides inner health, Herbalife also is concerned with the outer health, offering skin, hair and body products designed with a healthy body in mind.

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